"Heritage Springer" is a trademark of Harley-Davidson. No attempt is being made to take away from Harley-Davidson and their legally owned trademark.
Harley Davidson and Heritage Springer trademark names are used only for reference and descriptive purposes.
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About HSOA
HSOA began in 2003 as a means for Heritage Springer FLSTS owners to share information and organize
gatherings and rides.  FLSTS production numbers are finite and were produced from 1997 to 2003 and
are no longer manufactured.  We are dedicated to this Living Legend and its preservation.  We are also
dedicated to the unique Men and Women who enjoy owning and riding them and forging lifelong
relationships built on a common interest and mutual respect and now have members across the globe. 
HSOA Rallies are second to none, you have to attend one to truly understand, we invite you to do so!  We
are not a motorcycle club, but we are better defined as an Association of Owners of the finest motorcycle
ever made, in our humble opinion of course.  You must own a 1997-2003 FLSTS/I in order to be an
HSOA Member agree to represent HSOA honorably and in the best possible way and to exercise mutual
respect to other HSOA members.
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